Myfit shirt and testing twisted dress

My fit shirt

I didn’t really knew why selfmade shirts never fitted well …untill I made a myfit shirt by apostrophe patterns. It generates a personal pattern based on your measurments. Now I realise that I have broader shoulders then the average Jill, so my shirts are always lacking in that area. Happy with my first try and will be making many more…

Twisted dress/shirt sewera

Sewera patterns were looking for testers for the new twisted dress and I gave it a try…whilst it didn’t look flattering on me as a dress, shortening it into a top was a good choice. Made from dbp from Lush fabrics. SUPER comfy!


The little ones needed some shirts for summer and I wanted to try a little applique. After they were made, I realised I had the zoom wrong on my laptop so they were all too small for our little guy. Lucky I could save the appliques by cutting around them and stitch them on a bigger shirt. I kept one smaller made one for our little girl (and it fits her well, funny enough).

Little girly
Shark applique
Dino applique
Grey stripes
Rocket applique

Fabric is from my stash (scraps etc) and pattern used is movie night pajama from sew a little seam (free when joining fb group)

There shall be dragons

I made a dragonvest (based on the dragon of sir mouse) for bookweek for our little guy using free patterns (vest is from little kiwis closet and dragon add on is from twig and tale) and fabric from our local spotlight store…

I just realised he put his pants on backwards. He liked that for a period so he would have bigger pockets at the front 🙈.

making stuff

Since I was little I loved making things. Anything made with my hands always gave me a lot of joy. And it still does… Before my move to Australia, I was dabbling a little with sewing. It got my interest since I hardly found well fitting clothes that I liked. I didn’t know about indie pattern makers yet, and ended up being as frustrated with the sizing as I was just buying retail clothing. Then I became pregnant and made a lot of clothes for the little one. Looking back at those makes, I have come a long way 😅

We then moved to Australia to travel, sold my sewing machine and sewing was put on the backburner. Untill I became pregnant again. I started looking around for patterns and found heaps of indie pattern makers who have a bigger size range then the old school magazines. I finally got myself a sewing machine (with a lot of issues 😕, luckily our local shop fixed them) and started printing a lot of patterns.

I wasn’t a fan of all the printing and apparently a lot of other people weren’t either…and I jumped on the projector bandwagon straiht away without looking back. This christmas I finally got an overlocker and think I’m pretty well set up.

I like upcycling and opshopping for my fabrics mostly but have to admit that I like to buy new fabrics as well 😅

Soon we are planning to start travelling again in our caravan and all the machines are coming alongside with us. I hope I can still make a lot of pretties but we will see. Life is a bit different when you are on the road…

My intention for starting this blog is to have a bit of a keepsake of all my makes (especially with fast growing kids). And to actually see an evolution in my sewin skills 😊